On April 9, 2016, thirty-five men and twenty-one Priests became Knights.

A team of five men from Shepherd of Ars Council 6028 in Hacienda Heights, California,
acting on approval from Supreme traveled to Makurdi Nigeria to induct members into the
Bishop Athanasius Usuh Round table. Upon our arrival, on April 4, we were greeted
enthusiastically by men waiting to join the Knights, and their wives. The men had been or
were in the process of being screened by two priests who are full Knights and Sir Knight
Michael Jukwe Round table coordinator.

The time leading up to the admissions degree was spent visiting various church and
government officials explaining our purpose and goals for establishing the Knights of
Columbus in Nigeria. On April 8, thirty one women were inducted into the Ladies of
Columbus with Felicia Jukwe installed as Grand Lady.

There are many Priests and Catholic laymen who became Knights while living and
working in areas, around the world, where the Knights are active, now living in Nigeria.
By forming the round table they became a unified force, thus becoming stronger, as
taught in the Unity degree, and are busy working together serving the church and the
community in the name of the Knights of Columbus. Bishop Usuh pledged to donate a
large parcel of land to the round table and this pledge was honored, by

his successor, Bishop Anagbe.

The week’s events culminated with the exemplification of 35 laymen and 21 priests into
the Knights of Columbus on April 9, 2016, followed by a thanksgiving mass in the
morning of April 10 at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral in Makurdi. The mass was
con-celebrated by Most Reverend Wilfred Chikpa Anagbe Bishop of Makurdi Diocese
and Reverend Pius T.T Ajiki, chaplain of the Round table. That evening at Benue State
University all celebrated the establishment of the Knights in Nigeria.

The team from consisted of Team Leader Dominic Niccoli PGK council 6028, Joseph
Mansueto D.D. district 101, Edwin Flores Deputy G.K. council 6028, Ron Dunbar Color
Corp Commander Fr. Felix J. Penna Assembly, and Chris Martinez departed for home the
morning of April 11.

This historic event received extensive coverage in the Nigerian press, radio and T.V

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First Knights of Columbus Round Table in Africa - April 9, 2016

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April marked the first anniversary of the historic initiation and inauguration of the first Knights of Columbus Round Table in Africa, the Bishop Athanasius Usuh Round Table in Makurdi, Nigeria.  

On April 9, 2016, thirty-five men and twenty-one Priests became Knights.